-Funk Master Flex- : “Ouch!!! Things got a little crazy on the set of 106 & Park’s Freestyle Friday after 2 MC’s used a little more than words to get their point across. I wonder who won that battle?? Read what happened after the jump.”


Freestyle Friday’s reigning champ, Blessed (Bronx, N.Y.) saw his run come to an end when his rap battle with Go Hard Jetson (Austin, Texas) turned into a physical battle during a taping of 106 & Park.

In the second round of the 106 & Park rap competition, Go Hard Jetson attempted to intimidate Blessed by slapping his cap off and yelling in his face.

When Blessed continued rapping without response, Jetson escalated his aggression and shoved the Bronx MC off the stage.

Blessed retaliated by body-slamming Jetson and throwing the mic at him. 106 & Park security immediately broke up the fight and ejected Jetson from the studio.

Rocsi and Game, who was cohosting in Terrence J’s place, announced that both MCs were disqualified for fighting. Rocsi explained that there is no place for violence in Freestyle Friday.

Blessed was two wins away from securing the No. 2 seed in Freestyle Friday’s March Mayhem tournament.